четверг, октября 23, 2008

Обновление 3D Life Player

Вчера компания Virtools опубликовало новую версию 3D Life Player - версия
Список изменений:

- Improved installation process: number of mouse clicks is now reduced to a minimum.
- Virtools Server / User component fixed. It was no more possible to add custom component to 3DVIA player 4.1. It is now fixed, allowing you to enrich 3DVIA Player with your own custom components developed using Virtools C++ SDK.
- Improved javascripts for Virtools Server / User component
- Display3DLifePlayerStatusHtml() function now displays the correct player version under FireFox web browser.  
- JpegReader could crash on Vista while logged with non-administrator rights
- VSL language could have precision issues with large integers
- Particles System:  particles radius was not taken into account for particles clipping
- Ray Intersection could have lack of precision on small geometries
- Render in RT View used with Display Progression Bar: Progression bar would be visible from Render in RT View even if sprite rendering was disabled inside Render in RT View settings
- Vertices Animation: mesh normals were not interpolated properly while doing mesh morphing.
- "Transform" Parameter Operation:  transforms 3D position to 2D would take one frame delay
- Go to fullscreen through javascript was not working anymore
- Call Behavior building block bugs fixed

Особенно хочется порадоваться что баг, сообщенный командой TV1X исправлен и теперь на игре FO2 мы можем загружать пользователям свои custom dll :)
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